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How I got my splits! (click on photos to make them bigger)

Stretch 1 - Try not to let the front knee come beyond the toes. Having your toes on your back leg curled under will make it slightly easier for beginners.

Stretch 2 - Stand up with your legs apart and just get as low as you can go!

Stretch 3 - Sit back on one leg (so your foot is under your bum) with the other leg straight in front, and bend over your front leg as far as you can.

Stretch 4 - One leg bent in front and the other directly behind. This yoga pose is called One Legged Pigeon

Stretch 5 - Yoga mermaid pose, don’t stress if you can’t do this straight away, it’s a big quad stretcher, don’t force this - it’ll come with time!

Do all stretches on both legs!

  • Do these AFTER you are warmed up (I suggest cardio) otherwise you may hurt yourself.
  • Practise every day with one day rest and try to hold each pose for at least 30 seconds.
  • It took me 1.5 months to get my right split and 2 months to get my left. Everyone is different so you could need more or less time than I did, but be patient!
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! If your muscles are really hurting, light stretching only! Don’t force it!
  • Take rests days!! VERY IMPORTANT. Your muscles need rest to repair otherwise you will overstretch and hurt yourself.

I track the tag #beckyfitness, I’d love to see your split progress!! 

I wanted to add a little to this because I did all those stretches everyday, and they helped a lot, but I wanted to share what I have found is the best way

The best way to get your splits is to actually do the splits!

A lot of people who want to get it find it too painful and that’s where these stretches come in. They stretch the smaller muscles one at a time and hat is very good because when you do the splits it stretches all of them at once.

If you hold your splits for 2 minutes on each leg everyday you will get them!

And remember! It takes the muscles 20 seconds to actually start to stretch them selves out!!!

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